Private Label Teeth Whitening Kits Toothpastes and Powders USA made

Face Mask Cotton two layer. 100 masks
Gold LED LIGHT 10 units
Activated Coconut Charcoal Teeth Whitening. LET US PRIVATE LABEL Powder 2 oz jars 1000 units
HOT NEW Premium Teeth Whitening Pen 25 Units
HOT-New Duplex LED Tray-100 count Price
Regular price: $US200.00
Sale price: $US150.00
Dual Arch Teeth Whitening-bleaching Tray with handle . Ready form. 100 count. JUST 1.25 PER TRAY.
Regular price: $US150.00
Sale price: $US125.00
New Black Edition Shade guide (100 shade guides) JUST .50 CENTS EACH. BEAUTIFUL 20 SHADE WHITENING GUIDE
100 Dentech Heat and Form Trays
Retainer Case White Quantity 25 count
10cc peroxide Teeth Whitening Syringes. 25 count. Choose strength
 Preloaded Trays-Best Seller-100 count
Regular price: $US950.00
Sale price: $US550.00
3cc Teeth Whitening Gel USA made. 100 units
HOT-New MINI KITS-24 count with Display
Take home teeth whitening-bleaching pens Choose strength. 50 count
Night Guard for grinding teeth Super Splint 100 units
Zero Peroxide Pen with Box 10 count. CLICK ON PICTURE FOR LARGER VIEW
MOST POPULAR. EXCELLENT LAMP Dentech 1200 Standup Gooseneck
Regular price: $US999.00
Sale price: $US499.00
Zero peroxide Whitening pen 100 units
Regular price: $US400.00
Sale price: $US300.00
NEW Shade guide Clear plastic 100 units
Brush and Mixing cap combo (100 sets)
New Five Led light and Soft Tray combo 100 units
New Viva Dental office Chairside Dual kit. 25 kits Wholesale 10.00 Each RECOMMENDED FOR DENTAL OFFICES
Quantum Take home System HOT SELLER
Regular price: $US975.00
Sale price: $US750.00
25 units. Hi This is the New Round Smile Light with Tray and Retainer case
Iphone Droid Plug in LED teeth whitening light and tray 10 units
Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste (100 tubes) for private label.
House Brand Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder Jars. 25 Count
Advanced Take-home kits-Best seller-100 count
Regular price: $US950.00
Sale price: $US850.00

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