Duplex Teeth Whitening-bleaching Tray . Ready form. 100 count

Duplex Teeth Whitening-bleaching Tray . Ready form. 100 count
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Product Description

100 After Care Teeth Whitening Duplex Trays. Our patent pending Duplex tray is proudly made in the USA and is the anchor for all our kits. Soft tray is elastic and fits snugly over all teeth surfaces for maximum pressure disbursement of gel. NO NEED TO HEAT AND FORM.

Dispense a small bead of gel in the upper and lower inner facial side of the tray near the incisal edge that will rest on the visible side of the teeth, and wear the tray for appropriate time. Once done rinse the tray with cool water and store in our Dentech retainer case for future use. Doubles as a take home tray and is incentive for future discounted treatments. This tray is an excellent take home whitening tray or for use with cheek retractor for led whitening. That's $1.50 per tray, 100 duplex trays included. Free ground shipping in the usa. Email dentech@rocketmail.com for large volume distributor discounts for this unique tray.

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