Premium Teeth Whitening Kit Non peroxide 50 kits

Premium Teeth Whitening Kit Non peroxide 50 kits
Item# premium-teeth-whitening-kit-non-peroxide-50-ki50

Product Description

USA made Zero peroxide Premium teeth whitening system. Great for European and UK market. Excellent mark up for distributors. Includes Zero peroxide pen, 10cc Zero peroxide gel. Duplex ready form tray, teeth wipe, vitamin e and aloe swab, Deluxe mini light activator, shade guide, Instructional Insert, with clear box sleeve packaging. Min order is 50 kits. Price includes shipping worldwide. Suggest retail on Groupon and Living Social is proven @ 29.00. Your dealer price is 10.00 per kit delivered. Free Shipping order today. Free 3 day Worldwide Shipping. EU Safety Assessment on file.

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