Ibrite Whitening Lamp Popular Version 2

Ibrite Whitening Lamp Popular Version 2
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Product Description

Brand new overstocked units. Version 2 Ibrites

iBrite™ is the first patented Light Emitting Diode (LED) curing light delivered to the dental market. Diode curing will replace all other conventional curing lights based on performance, power and flexibility.

Diode bulbs will last on average thousands of hours with normal use. No fans or filters are needed to remove unusable and harmful light rays, making this the most efficient curing light in the world.

The advantages of the iBrite™ teeth whitening light:

The only whitening light that features a complete tooth color correction function

Specially designed light emitters maximize teeth whitening penetration effect

Emits no harmful UV rays, much safer than other heat-activated lights on the market

Gives you complete control to set your desired teeth whitening session length

Seamlessly switch between the light's multiple functions

iBrite™ is completely safe, because unlike some other whitening lights on the market, iBrite™ emits no harmful Ultra-Violet (UV) rays. Instead, the light operates in a narrow wavelength range of the gentle blue-green spectrum and is perfectly safe for teeth, gums, and skin. Free Shipping UPS ground in the USA

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